First Centre Pass Ball Carrier Named!

Surrey Storm are delighted to announce that Amber Smith will be the nominated ball carrier at Netball London Live 2018.

Amber plays for Fusion Netball Club in Essex and has been a dedicated player for over 3 years and is a key member of a team who have been promoted 3 times so far.

But, in April Amber woke up unable to use her legs properly.

Numerous tests finally showed that Amber was suffering with transverse myelitis and after a few days she left Great Ormond Street.

Amber has shown great courage in her recovery and following intense physiotherapy she is able to walk again and is using the gym to build up her strength.

More than anything, it was Amber’s positive and upbeat attitude that struck a chord with everyone at Surrey Storm. She is determined to get back on court and winning with her team.

We hope that the opportunity to carry out the netball for the first Centre Pass at Netball London Live will be a positive milestone in her journey to full recovery.

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